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My Philosophy as a Professional Photographer in France

I have always been passionate about photography, so becoming a photographer has been obvious to me. This artistic activity allows me to freely express my creativity and requires a great technical rigor that pushes me continuously to improve myself. Sensitive and committed to human relations, I chose to specialize in pregnancy photography, family photography (solo portrait or Duo) and wedding photography (photo report and engagement session). I especially like being able to capture the beauty of the moment and sublimate the most important moments of life of my clients. My role is to tell your story in pictures so that you have memories for a lifetime.

I live and work as a photographer in France in the Center Val de Loire region, but my curious nature leads me to travel often. It is with the liking of these trips that I draw the inspiration of my photographs, in order to offer you a unique photographic work, creative and moving.

A natural photograph, between emotion, detail and sensitivity.

My work is essentially oriented towards a natural photograph, in the search for detail. I attach particular importance to photograph my models in spontaneous poses, taken on the spot. My vision of photography is simple: it is through a look, a gesture or a play of shadow and light that emotion is created. It is also for this reason that I work mainly with natural light and that I edit my photos as subtly as possible. As a wedding, pregnancy, couple and portrait photographer, my style is both modern and authentic. I promise you to make timeless photos, which you will always enjoy watching even after many years.

My approach to photography also goes a long way in the exchange with my models. It is by getting to know you that I can make photos reflecting your personality and you will be fully satisfied. Being in front of the goal is not easy for everyone and I take care to guide you and reassure you throughout the session. It is essential that you are relaxed and that you trust me so that the shooting takes place in good conditions. A photo shoot with me is a session under the sign of good humor and music!

Wedding photographer, portrait and pregnancy in France

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. To discover my work, go to the page of my photo gallery. You will have a glimpse of the great projects I have been fortunate to work on, thanks to the trust of my clients.

A special day is coming up and you would like me to immortalize it? You want to make a nice series of portraits of you and your loved ones?

Contact me via the form or by phone. Because each project is unique, I would be happy to discuss it with you and answer all your questions. Photographer in France, my favorite fields are family photography, pregnancy photography and wedding photography. Depending on your project and your desires, I can offer you different customized packages. Your photos will then be made available in digital format or on paper print in a beautiful photo album.

Finally, do not forget to browse my blog, where I regularly share new articles. You will find tips and tricks on the subject of photography as well as all that concerns my news.

Photographie portrait de Mary Sebastien PERON Photographe