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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

"I think the emotional content of an image is the most important component,
whatever the photographic technique.
Much of the work I see these days does not have the emotional impact
enough to elicit a reaction from viewers or stay in their hearts. "

Take a picture, Immortalize a moment, reveals how rich the reality is!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move?

I live in France, I like to travel and Yes I'm ready to follow you wherever you go.

My luggage is always ready to travel around the world.

Is it possible to exceed the time provided in the package?

Yes absolutely! My hourly rate will be applied on the time exceeded.

Do you have a photo album?

It is possible to complete your package with a premium photo album.

For this, we use the best in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Do you offer Engagement and Day after sessions?

Yes! The Engagement session is done before your wedding. The goal is for you to get images outside the context of marriage.

This session is also a chance to really get started. We are starting to build trust, which is important for D-Day.

I also propose a photo session after your union: the "Day after". It's organized after your wedding.

On the day, we do not necessarily have the right light, the good weather. In this relaxed photo shoot, we have plenty of time.

Do you do group photos?

Yes of course (although I think it will not be the most beautiful photos).

How to contact you?

Very easy. :) For that just use the contact page and give me a lot of details.

I will answer within 2 days maximum.