What is an engagement session?

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What is an engagement session? For some, it is now one of the essentials of their preparations. But what is his interest and how to prepare it? Some explanations are needed.

What is it?

The principle of the engagement session is to create a first contact between the bride and groom and the photographer during a scenario. It consists of a couple photo shoot, organized a few times before the wedding. Its goal is to familiarize future brides and grooms with the professional’s way of working and to refine their expectations for the big day. Often emotional, it ends with beautiful memories on a theme chosen by the couple.

Why such a session?

The engagement session offers many benefits. More than a work session, it quickly becomes a moment of pleasure where the complicity is gradually established between the future couple and the professional.

Some couples are very comfortable with their image and willingly lend themselves to gambling. the photo shoot. But posing in front of the camera can be a dreaded exercise for others. Taking the time to tame the goal is therefore crucial. Your stress thus slowly gives way to a surprising relaxation that will make you all your natural.

This session is also an opportunity to reassure yourself about the quality of the work of the professional (see my gallery).This building of trust is an essential asset for the big day. Your photos will come out even more beautiful and authentic.

Young couples often find that they have few beautiful pictures of themselves. Take advantage of this session to make some precious memories. The engagement session then becomes a playful and strong moment, during which your tender looks, your spontaneity and your emotions will be immortalized.

You will then be able to have these magnificent photos at your leisure, especially for your announcements or save- the-date, or for the decoration of your reception room. Finally, this very special “test” session is intended to better define your wishes for the day, from the organization of the shots to the unfolding of the day.

How to prepare for your session?

To organize such a session, you need to agree on a symbolic place, a theme that corresponds perfectly to the couple and an ideal moment. Thus, from the greatest simplicity to the most unusual of ideas, all these elements, generally very connected, will come to underline the originality of your couple, in short, what makes you unique.

To find your style, immerse yourself in your history, from the day of your meeting to your strong moments, from your daily life to your common dreams. Your photographer will be able to give you advice and help to make your ideas come true.

When to schedule your session?

The session is usually held before the wedding. The bride and groom organize it from a few weeks to a few months in advance. Everything depends on your wish.

It is important to choose its season to find its colors and its light (the red of the leaves, the white of the snow, the mauve of the flowers, the blue of the sea …) and to choose its moment to find his feelings and emotions (the freshness of a morning, the heat of a good fire, the energy of a lively evening …).

The session can also take place for a special occasion such as a marriage proposal . So entrust your intentions to your photographer, to miss nothing of this wonderful moment.

Which place to choose for your session?

Think of a place that inspires you, in which you feel free to express yourself. For the most romantic, it is often a symbolic place that speaks of their history. Consider a familiar setting, the place of your meeting, a place you like to visit, your home … For adventurers, their preference will focus on a more original place or a site abroad. Finally, for the great fans, they will love to stage their favorite activity duo in love.

The studio is also a good way to get great shots and accomplices beautiful portraits.

So, beach, editing, country corner, small village , big place, downtown, riverside, boat, trail, park, carousel … Trust your imagination and your intuition !

What outfit to adopt?

The outfits you wear will set the tone for your shots. To be in your image (casual, elegant, original, poetic, creative, energetic …), wear clothes in which you will feel yourselves and who will be able to put your pair in value (coordinated colors, assorted styles !). The place you choose will influence your clothing choices. The details are also important. Just a small accessory to wake up an outfit, reveal an atmosphere or recall the theme of your big day.

And why not coordinate the session with your makeup and hair tests!

Whatever your choices, this photo shoot, entirely dedicated to your couple, must remain above all a moment of shared happiness for more than successful photos!

So do not hesitate to consult other articles of this blog like for example “Choose your wedding photographer” and to contact me to immortalize these moments of happiness 😉

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