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Whether you're looking for a Portrait, Couple, Pregnancy or wedding photographer, it's not easy to find a professional who masters natural photography. How do you recognize a light or a natural pose and why is this style of photography a challenge even for a confirmed photographer?

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What is natural light?

We speak of natural light in photography to designate the light produced by the sun and which varies in intensity according to the time of the day, the position of the sun and the meteorological conditions: soft, subdued, bright or veiled light ... There are many factors that can influence the range and quality of light on a model.

Why photograph in natural light?

As mentioned earlier, the outdoor light brings emotion to photographs that are difficult to match with studio lighting. While artificial lighting can give a frozen side to photographs, taking pictures in full light brings on the contrary spontaneity and simplicity.
As a photographer, playing with the contrasts of light and shadow is an arduous but very rewarding exercise. A beautiful rendering is indeed obtained thanks to a particular control in the setting and the composition of the photographs. A portrait photographer will guide his model to capture the light and bring softness. For example, too much light directly on the face may harden the lines.
Backlighting is often used by your professional photographer when shooting for pregnancy photography or portrait photography. It makes it possible to emphasize the subject by creating an original effect thanks to halos of light.

What is a natural pose?

The natural poses reflect the sincerity that emerges from a model. Being able to portray a person's personality through beautiful portraits is the essence of the photographer's profession. His role is to subtly capture a pose, a gesture or a facial expression to tell a story.
A wedding photographer will seek the complicity of an exchange of glances between the newlyweds or the emotion on the face of a family member during the ceremony. Pregnancy photography will show a gesture or expression of the future mother representing love for her baby.
A photography professional must know how to put his model at ease to make him take natural poses. He can talk to him, make him laugh to relax him and put him in trust. Some people will need some time before finding their spontaneity in front of the lens. For a simple portrait photo, there are sometimes many hours of work upstream!
It is important that the special moments of your life be sublimated in a natural way. They will only be more valuable. Professional photographer in France, I specialize in natural photography.