Choosing your wedding photographer

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The wedding is a magical moment that must be immortalized to keep a memory of the best day of his life! If you are planning to get married and want to hire a professional photographer, it is important to choose the right person who can bring you a photographic result that meets your exact expectations. To be sure of being in the presence of the good photographer, our wedding blog shows you some criteria to meet before signing the contract photographer.

The photographic style

First and foremost, it’s worth remembering that a wedding photographer has his own style of photography and that it may not be suitable for everyone. Indeed, some photographers play on the contrast and the colors while others seek to bring out the shadows and the light. Some others prefer natural photos and capture the moments without warning, while others will favor a more prosaic approach with poses. Anyway, there are as many photographs as there are people to appreciate them. In order to find your own style, it is important to be well informed about the photographer’s working style, to avoid the disappointment of not having your moment immortalized as you wish and also to avoid, that the photographer is frustrated and irritated for not being able to satisfy you.
Although there are a multitude of styles, some more generally stand out. To give you an idea, here are some styles that you can find commonly.

• Fine art: bright photos highlighting an unforgettable and perfect day.
• The fearless style: black and white photographs whose vocation is the singularity and the search for the present moment (timeless report).
• The drama: dark and textured images with a very marked contrast, which give an impression of infinity and realism.


The budget

It should be known that depending on the experience and fame of the wedding photographer, the budget to allocate will not be the same. There will also be a price difference depending on the duration of the service (day or day + evening). The price of the photographer can also vary according to the options that he can propose to you: numbers of photos taken, realization of a memory album, prints … The technique used by the photographer, as well as the material which he uses, can also come into play in the proposed tariff. However, there is no surprise because you set all this well in advance and in writing thanks to the contract photographer, after talking with the professional. To give you an idea, it will take on average between 1,500 and 3,000 € and more to immortalize your wedding day.

When to look for a photographer?

There is no preferential period to start looking for a photographer for your wedding. However, the more you want to use the services of a good photographer, the more you will need to do it in advance because another couple of future bride and groom may have already booked before you. However, before contacting a photographer, expect to be sure of the date of your wedding for obvious questions of reliability. In spite of that,, there is nothing stopping you from starting to look at what is being done so that you can compare the services of several providers and have several remedies if it turns out that the photographer you want to book is not available the day of your union.

The feeling with the photographer

The photographer is a person before being a professional and he will be present on D-Day and may even spend the evening. It is simply for this reason that we must ensure that the current passes between you. For that, there are not 36 solutions: organize a real meeting or video conference if you can not do otherwise. In this way, you will be fixed on the profile of the person and will be able to make your choice wisely. Do not hesitate to meet several if you have a doubt and opt for the one with whom the feeling goes best, it is essential!

Questions to ask him

In your interview, try to find out a lot about him to see if he is comfortable with such situations, if it is not his first try, etc. These questions will certainly reassure you (or not) and will inform you in passing on more precise modalities.

Here are some examples of questions that you can ask him:

  • Since when do you practice the profession of photographer?
  • How many marriages do you realize?
  • do you work alone or with an assistant on the day of the wedding?
  • How long will the photographs be delivered?
  • Do you make the draw and the creation of albums?

To know more, do not hesitate to make a turn on the other articles of my wedding blog and contact me.

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