Choose your photo album

You have decided to use the service of a professional photographer to capture a special event of your life. But have you thought about having your photos printed and keeping them in a photo album? Making a pregnancy album or a wedding album will allow you to have all your favorite photos handy, with outstanding image quality. Here we will look at the different types of albums and the reasons to focus on a premium photo album on a classic album.

Why make a photo album?

At digital time when all of our files are stored virtually in a computer or mobile phone, it is less and less common to keep photos on paper. And yet, what could be more moving than imagining you in 20, 30 or 50 years, flipping through the pages of a photo album, surrounded by your family? A radiant expectant mother, the first baby steps, two spouses saying yes on the day… All these wonderful memories deserve to be treasured in a beautiful handmade album.

Different paper sizes and types

There are many types of albums, all sizes and all formats: square, portrait or landscape, A3, A4, 25 x 35, 48 x 38… Some formats will be more appropriate than others depending on the theme of your album, be it a pregnancy album or a wedding album. The choice of paper is also important: matte coated, glossy, satin or glossy paper. Each type of paper has a particular weight and will sublimate your photographs differently. The wedding pictures stand for example particularly well on a glossy coated paper. If you are not sure of yourself, don’t panic, your photographer is there to advise you. He knows his job by heart and will recommend the best album for your photos.

What cover for my photo album?

The creation of your custom album also goes through the choice of the cover. This plays a very important role in the final rendering of your photo album. It’s on the cover that your gaze comes first, so it’s essential that you like it. Leather, fabric, silk, fake vegetable leather, buckram, there are all the textures and all the colors. Compare the materials and choose the one that best reflects your personality and the style of your photos. For an elegant fine art album, prefer a blanket with a noble material such as silk or leather and sober colors. A colorful fabric will bring on the contrary originality and a touch of cheerfulness.

Why choose a premium photo album?

With prices starting from 600 euros, making a premium handmade album represents a certain investment, but it is also the certainty of receiving an object of high quality. Your wedding or pregnancy photos embody unique moments in your life, which should be highlighted in a high-end Queensberry album. It is a real decorative object that will have a sentimental value in your home. Opting for a premium photo album will also guarantee a much higher performance than a classic album. The quality of the paper directly influences the conservation of the photos. Thus, the higher the quality, the better the color of your photographs over time.

Ready to embark on the adventure? Do not hesitate to contact me to book a session or to discuss the different packages that include a superb personalized photo album!

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