5 tips for a successful pregnancy photo session

5 tips for a successful pregnancy photo shoot

5 tips for a successful pregnancy photo session

You are pregnant, congratulations!With a mixture of surprise and wonder, you watch your body transform while a little being grows up in you. Waiting for a child is a magical time in a woman’s life, which is essential to immortalize in a photo. You will keep memories of this happy event all your life. What are the things you need to know to prepare for and succeed in your pregnancy photography? You are told everything in this article.


  1 When to take a photo shoot?

It is important not to program the shoot too early, as you may not be able to see your beautiful belly. The ideal time to make beautiful photos is to wait until the belly is round, around 6, 7 months of pregnancy. Also be careful not to make the session in a stage of pregnancy too advanced. The goal is to take pleasure, if you are too tired the experience will be less pleasant.


  2 The choice of place: outside or inside?

The place of the session depends on your desires and your inspirations. Choose a place that suits you and reflects your personality. For a cozy and cocooning atmosphere, you can shoot in the comfort of your home. Being in a familiar place and being surrounded by everyday objects will help you relax. For a more professional look and better control over the lighting, also think about the photo studio.

An outdoor session will bring a framework of softness and space. The possibilities are endless: beach, forest, urban environment, flower garden, mountains, near a lake or a river … Be creative and have fun with the environment around you! The city of Montargis and the Loiret region are full of charming places for original shots. Outdoor shooting allows your photographer to play on light and shadows. Enjoy, for example, the sunset or the sunrise to make beautiful pictures against the light highlighting your silhouette.


  3  How to dress for a pregnancy photo shoot?

For the choice of clothes, again be yourself! The important thing is that you feel comfortable and enjoy being in front of the camera. Play on the fabrics to create movement and elegantly reveal your belly. A fluid and light material will allow you to hide possible small complexes while a more molded garment will mark your forms. If you are comfortable with your body, try the nude or the semi-nude with a nice set of lingerie. Wear sexy, casual or chic, anything is allowed as long as you are in tune with your style.


  4  The pregnancy shoot in couple or family

And if the future dad participated in the shooting? This can be an opportunity to spend a beautiful moment of love together before the arrival of the baby. Exchange of looks, caress and hand on the belly, there are a thousand and one ways to represent the tenderness in a couple. If you already have children, a family pregnancy photo shoot is also perfect: laughter and emotions in perspective! You will keep memories for life and your child will be happy to see how much he was expected by his siblings.

  5  Be well prepared for the session

If you have a particular theme in mind (rock’n’roll, country, bohemian …) speak upstream with your pregnancy photographer so he can properly identify your universe. Allow about 1:30 for the session itself. The first half hour will be spent talking with your photographer to set up the details. Feel free to communicate all your desires and ideas. These photos are yours and must above all please you.

Let yourself be guided, your photographer is a professional who will magnify your femininity and your forms of future mother. It will show you the most appropriate poses and expressions for a superb artistic effect. Get ready to make several series of shots in different atmospheres to choose then your favorites: black and white, color, various decorations …



Finally, have fun! This experience will be a highlight of your life and the result will reflect your state of mind. The choice of an experienced pregnancy photographer in the professional portfolio will be decisive for making beautiful photos you will be proud of. So do not hesitate contact me!

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